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This Saturday….Birkie Fever

Dr. Longo takes on the Birkie this Saturday!
His thoughts as he heads to Hayward!

Prepare and stay loose. After we will head to Hayward to watch the Professional sprint races! These skiers are the best of the best and just fly! Then we’re off to the  Expo hall, where we get our packets full of swag and our bibs. The Expo has many venders of ski stuff that are hard to resist!


When you’ve got Birkie Fever, the only cure is more cowbell!

About the Spectators:
The Birkie has the most amazing spectators & fans. From cowbells to banners, Birkie visitors cheer on skiers at every Birkie event thoughout the week. If you’re a Birkie mega-fan, or if you have a friend or family member who is, we’ve got everything here to prepare for the best race week ever!


Living the Birkie Lifestyle

What is it that defines the intangible Birkie Fever?

For some it’s the visceral anticipation of the challenge, mingled with apprehension, woven with an unspoken camaraderie as fellow adrenaline junkeis make their pilgrimage through he hardwood forest along the Birkie Trail. For others it’s the annual tradition of family and friends escaping to the north woods, it’s the sound of drums thrumming along the trail, a celebratory post-race shot-ski, or the ringing of cowbells announcing the sweet taste of success. It’s the palpable sensation of determination and accomplishment in the air. For those with Birkie Fever, it’s more than a race- it’s a feeling held close all year through. Whether skiing, biking, running or trekking- here’s to hitting the trail and catching Birkie Fever!

Reference: The Birch Scroll, view entire magazine here.



2014 American Birkebeiner

What is the Birkie?

  • Spans 51 kilometers from Cable to Hayward for Skaters, and 55K for Classic Skiers
  • North America’s largest cross-country ski marathon
  • Attracts over 10,000 Birkie/Korte skiers
  • Part of the Worldloppet circuit of 20 international ski marathons and part of the American Ski Marathon series of 13 races.

Source:Yahoo! Sports Report


Intro to the Birkie

As Dr. Longo prepares for the Birkebeiner- here is a introduction to amazing race!


A Humble Beginning. 

The year was 1206 and Norway was in the midst of a civil war when Birkebeiner skiers, so called for their protective birch bard leggings, skied through the treacherous mountains and rugged forests of Norway’s Ostendalen valley, smuggling Prince Haakon, the son of King Sverresson and Inga of Vartieg, to safety. The flight took the Birkebeiners and prince from Lillehammer to safety in the town of Trondheim. Ina of Vartieg never became the queen as the prince’s father was killed before he could return for her in vertigo. Norwegian history credits the Birkebeiners’ bravery with preserving the life of the boy who later became Norway’s King. Harken Haakonson IV and forever changed Northern Europes’ history by his reign.

The story and painting of the flight were the inspiration for the first Bierkenbeiner ski race held in Norway in 1932. To this day, Norwegian skiers still carry a pack, symbolizing the weight of an 18-month old child, in the Worldlopper’s Norweigian Birkebeiner Renner race.

Reference: The Birch Scroll


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